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Impact Binders

Impact Binders is an enterprise in NY owned by a woman Bobi Hamilton who is in this field since 1987. The company manufactures customised products like Binders (metal, wood, leather etc), clipboards, iPad, Desktop Accessories, Key Cards, Guest Directory Covers, Desk Blotters, and more. All the products meet the industry standards of quality and are available at affordable rates. You can call us any time at  (855) 855-3907 for more info or visit our website.

Leather embossed portfolio | Binder storage shelf

Impact BInders is an enterprise situated in NY that has been operating since 1987. We offer binder printing that is used by our domestic as well as international clients. We have earned our reputation for discount 3 ring binders, leather presentation portfolios, metal check presenters, binder storage shelf, etc that capture attention and confirm the value of their proposals and presentations.


Impact’s passion for innovation and design results in custom Binders covers that are interesting, thought-provoking. Our attractive binder covers will generate repeat business, and design is recognized worldwide.


Our binder cover collection comes in a wide variety of material choices, like:

  • Metal
  • Wood cover
  • Leather
  • Acrylic & Plexiglass
  • Poly
  • Printed and Fabric Binders
  • Grasscloth & Cork
  • Tempered Glass Binders
  • Vinyl
  • Nylon binder
  • Paper binders


Impact Binders is known for manufacturing binder cover designs that challenge the other manufacturing companies. Impact’s manufacturing capability enables it to create designs and work with materials other manufacturers refuse to consider. The binders can easily fit into our binder storage shelf. A binder shelf will help you in properly organizing all your binders. These can be customized with your logo or custom artwork. We provide adjustable dividers to fit in binders of different sizes. These binder shelf are available in single or double stacks.


Impact Binders has been a pioneer in introducing new binder cover designs to the industry. Some of them are:


  • Metal Binder Covers
  • Wood Binder Covers
  • Tempered Glass Binder Covers
  • Round Binder Covers for Multiple Inserts
  • Wood and Metal Spines
  • Specialized Binders for Military
  • Color Printing on Wood and Metal


We are known internationally for our products and services. We have shipped our products across the globe. We try to use eco-friendly materials for manufacturing our binders in the binder catalog.


Impact Binders also offer Office & Desk Accessories. These include:


  • Decorative desk blotters
  • Custom Signage
  • iPad and Tablet Cases


The faux leather desk blotters are a great choice for guest rooms of hotels and resorts. The material has a turned edge that is sewn along the perimeter. It gives extra durability and longevity to the products. You can choose the color of your product from the wide variety available.  


You can contact us at (855) 855-3907 for any details or queries regarding our products. Visit our website for more details.



Impact Enterprises, Inc. - New York

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